All work and no play? Not at UCI’s Summer Session!

For students fascinated by the art of cinema, curious about Italian culture and history, or simply interested in watching some great films, Italian Cinema 1945-2013 (ITALIAN 50) is the perfect addition to your Summer schedule.

Taught remotely by Dr. Fabrizio Di Maio during Summer Session II, this four-unit course will discuss the development of Italian cinema in light of major historical events such as WWII, the rise of fascism, the emergence of the Italian mafia, and much more. Students will watch one film each week to answer the following questions:

  • Why are Italian directors so passionate to “narrate” Italian historical events? 
  • Which factors contributed to the rise of political cinema in Italy?
  • Why do many films represent the dark side of Italy? 

Dr. Di Maio says, “The goal of this course is to explore how some contemporary Italian films coming out from 1945 to 2013 have contributed to shaping a ‘cinematic’ image of Italy—especially for a foreign audience.”

Having taught this course twice before, Dr. Di Maio notes that his students are always surprised by the quality of the films. While many students assume that the movies will be boring or difficult to understand, he says that they are always impressed by how interesting and engaging the films are.

The course does not require any prior knowledge of film studies or Italian, and all films and reference materials will be provided. Grades will consist of two exams, short quizzes, Canvas activities, and class participation.

Students that are interested in taking this course are also encouraged to check out this fun promotional video specially created by Dr. Di Maio. Ready to explore the rise of Italian cinema and make the most of this Summer Session? Then enroll in ITALIAN 50 using course code 28810 until July 31 here.