As UCI prepares to welcome students back for Fall 2021, there are many exciting developments taking place on campus. One of the changes that students can look forward to is the reestablishment of the Transfer Student Center (TSC) as a stand-alone center.

Previously housed within Student Success Initiatives (SSI) as the Transfer Student Hub, the new TSC is now located across the hall from the SSI offices on the second floor of the Student Services II Building. 

According to Kevin Huie, Executive Director of Student Success, reestablishing the TSC as its own space is an important step in making UCI a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. He explains:

“We want our transfer students to be represented in the fabric of the institution—and having a physical, multifunctional, stand-alone space in the heart of campus is ideal for the thousands of students who come to UCI as transfers.”

While the location has changed, Huie assures that the TSC will still be home to familiar faces, programs, and services. The entire SSI Transfer Student Team will work out of the TSC to offer the programs like Transfer Summer Edge, the First Year Transfer Experience Program (FYTE), the Second Year Transfer Experience Program (2YTE), and STEM Transfer Scholars. In addition to these great programs, the TSC will also launch their new Umoja program to support the success of Black/African American transfer students in Fall 2021.Huie adds that having the TSC as an independent center will provide an important space for students to meet, study, or just hang out. While having these types of community spaces are important for all students (especially after the pandemic), Huie explains that it is even more important for transfer students:

“For many of our transfer students, building camaraderie and getting support from each other are crucial for success. Having a dedicated space for transfer students to connect can facilitate community building and can also make it easier for our staff to offer opportunities for meaningful engagement.”

The SSI team anticipates that students will be able to access the TSC when in-person instruction resumes this coming Fall. In the meantime, keep an eye on the TSC website here for the latest news and updates. For more information on SSI and the programs and services they will offer in Fall 2021, check out their website here.