Dear Instructors,

UCI Information Security has become aware of hacking and malicious activities targeting Discord servers and accounts used by UCI students and instructors. Although the university does not directly oversee these Discord servers, their account activities, or their security settings, we have been informed that members of our community, including student organizations and instructors, are actively hosting Discord channels that are at risk from external attackers.

Unknown Breach and Precautionary Measures

The specifics of this security breach, including its potential impact on users, are currently unknown. This incident serves as a crucial reminder about the importance of robust security measures and heightened awareness of cyber threats like phishing. The increasing frequency and sophistication of such attacks highlight the vulnerabilities of digital platforms and emphasize the necessity of adhering to stringent security protocols and maintaining digital hygiene.

Cyber Security Support and Resources

The Office of Information Technology provides extensive information, security training, and resources. We strongly encourage all community members to practice cyber hygiene best practices, including using strong passwords and remaining vigilant against phishing attempts aimed at stealing confidential information.

Students and instructors requiring cybersecurity support can report incidents or seek assistance by contacting UCI Information Security at or 949-824-2222.

Instructors utilizing Discord servers for educational purposes and who might be affected by these incidents are advised to reach out to the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI). DTEI is available to discuss specific concerns and offer support in identifying suitable instructional alternatives. Contact DTEI at

Counseling Services for Affected Individuals

We understand that cyber incidents can be distressing. Counseling support and services are readily available for both students and employees impacted by this situation. Should you or your students require support, please reference the following resources:

We don’t know how many students/classes are impacted but out of an abundance of caution wanted to send this reminder of resources available. We urge everyone to stay alert and secure in their digital interactions.

Michael Dennin
Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning and
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education