Team Kids & UCI Youth Empowerment Conference 2022


In celebration of 20 years of partnership and meaningful collaboration, the University of California, Irvine (UCI) will host the Team Kids & UCI Youth Empowerment Conference 2022 from January 24 to 26, 2022.

Team Kids is a nonprofit organization committed to “empowering kids to change the world.” To accomplish this goal, Team Kids encourages children to see themselves as important contributors to the community and brings together community leaders to create healthy environments where kids can grow and thrive.

With the tagline “Empowering Youth. Engaging Communities. Changing Lives.,” the Team Kids & UCI Youth Empowerment Conference 2022 will unite universities, school districts, public safety departments, and corporations to teach how collaborative action and community investment are necessary to empower the next generation of leaders. The conference will also introduce the partnership between UCI and Team Kids as an exemplary model that showcases how public and private entities can join together to evoke real change.



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The conference will consist of a professional track and a youth leadership track. The professional track comprises presentations from leaders from three primary groups: education (universities and school districts), public safety (law enforcement and fire departments), and corporate supporters (sponsors and corporate partners). Attendees participating in professional track events will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other community stakeholders as well as gain insight on establishing productive collaborations, strengthening relationships, and sharing resources to better engage youth.

The youth leadership track will be run by Team Kids’ student interns and staff. Targeting high school and college students, the youth leadership track will offer information on what working with Team Kids is like. Youth leadership attendees will learn about the important role that university students play as mentors to the next generation of changemakers, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists as well as the valuable professional experiences they will gain while working with Team Kids.


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