The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (OVPTL) reports under the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and branches over the Division for Undergraduate Education, Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, and Summer Session.

The focus of the OVPTL is to ensure the accessibility of essential academic support services to:

  • Cater to every undergraduate student; provides campus-wide guidance and leadership for curricular innovations
  • Advance inclusive excellence in student learning and achievement
  • Cultivate community college partnerships
  • Create opportunities for high-achieving students
  • Provide students and faculty with resources that promote academic excellence and student success.
  • Encourage and facilitates innovation in pedagogy, including the use of technology-enhanced education, that raise the profile of teaching across the University

OVPTL’s support of the various units within the Department of Undergraduate Education is intended to elevate institutional attention to undergraduate education and signal its importance as a priority for the university in order to best serve its large and growing undergraduate population.

OVPTL works in partnership with the Academic Senate, Deans, Chairs, and other stakeholders to help the Schools achieve their undergraduate mission. OVPTL is an important catalyst for the work of educational innovation but also operates in an environment of shared responsibility for the way in which results are achieved. It is important for the success of the OVPTL to reinforce a sense of engagement, shared accountability, and responsibility for the quality of undergraduate education across the institution.