As faculty or staff at UCI, summer may be time for you to get caught up, prepare for the coming year, or even take some time off.

For students, summer is a time for many to work, intern, travel, and manage other responsibilities. If you encounter students who are busy or are unsure of what they will be doing this summer, you might suggest taking online classes from UCI Summer Session.

Summer Session offers over 70 online courses (more than any other UC campus), which gives students the opportunity to make progress towards their degree while managing these competing priorities. This is due to the flexibility of the asynchronous format. The Summer Session online program has also improved access to UCI students who want to make their summer a productive experience. Based on 2016 data, online courses now attract 27% of Summer enrollments. More than half of Summer online courses meet a GE requirement, so students can get strategic about the classes in which they enroll, and with the Pay for Only 8 incentive, UC students can save money  .

To help you identify what successful online summer students look like, think of students who:

  • Are too busy to commute to campus every day to take a course
  • Have a summer job that conflicts with the course they want to take
  • Are self-motivated learners
  • Are concerned about graduating on time
  • Enjoy learning through many different methods
  • Are open to new experiences

Here are answers to common questions students ask about Summer online courses.

  • It takes the same amount of time and effort as any course
  • Some courses meet for 5 weeks; others for 10 weeks
  • Students interact with professors online instead of in a classroom

Meet Bryan Hernandez, a current student who went through the Summer Session Leadership Development Program. He is also finishing up his Management minor this summer through Summer Session online courses.

“The big difference is that with online Summer Session classes, you don’t have to be on campus,” says Hernandez. “I saved money on rent and gas, and the online class format allowed me to have a flexible schedule, which enabled me to work and earn extra money while still earning units towards my degree.”

The best way to refer a student interested in Summer courses is to direct them to or they can visit the office located in Summer Session Building A (#231 on the campus map) weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Want to hear Dean Michael Dennin share his insights about online classes? Watch a short video here.

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