Summertime used to be a time to relax, take a  vacation, and de-stress from daily life. However, if history repeats itself, approximately 44% of UCI students will exchange some of their summer fun for more time spent learning. Aside from anteaters being overachievers, part of the reason might be due to the creative marketing team and innovative approach that Summer Session uses to attract students.

Recently, Summer Session released a video advertising the Pay for Only 8 incentive program, which  allows all UC students to enroll in 8 units (these can be on campus or online courses) and pay the regular course fees and campus fee. Then they can take additional units (up to the maximum load allowed) and pay no additional course fees. Students can enroll in more for less!. The video features a comical parody of an Old Spice commercial featuring a student dressed up in a sun costume and an oversized fake moustache.

Summer Session is one of the many units under the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (OVPTL). Summer Session helps students get ahead and make progress towards their degree year round.. The goal of Summer Session is to promote learning outside of the mandatory academic school year, giving students an opportunity to pursue knowledge at their own pace. To foster this opportunity, students must be aware of the option to attend summer classes.

A big part of the awareness for Summer Session comes from within the campus. Summer Session works hard to spread awareness to not only students, but faculty and staff. Since faculty and staff are so closely connected to students, word of mouth is a big part of the team’s marketing focus.

As faculty or staff, here are some ways to support the UCI Summer Session Program:

  1. Connect with them on social media FB Twitter Instagram Youtube
  2. Watch and share their fun videos
  3. Talk with undergraduate students to make sure they understand Pay for Only 8.
  4. Request marketing materials for your office or download digital assets here (note to Ryan: I have to finish uploading the assets to Webfiles).

Even though summer is great, enrolling in Summer Session does have its perks.t.  OVPTL asks that you support students by spreading the good word about the benefits and cost saving features!

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