I came into the Social Media Brunch with a working knowledge and experience managing social media for work purposes. As I left the session, I texted several colleagues recommending they attend future sessions.

Ryan is always a wonderful presenter of SO MUCH helpful information, but I appreciate that he makes the time to allow us to learn from each other as well. Thanks!

I really hope that these social media brunches continue to be offered since it helps faculty and staff improve one very important aspect of their work that is rarely, if ever, taught anywhere.

OVPTL’s September Social Media Brunch was fun and informative! OVPTL’s Senior Administrator of Social Media and Marketing, Ryan Foland, hosted another brunch focused on Social Media best practices.

The room was filled, people were fed, and everyone left feeling a lot more comfortable with using Social Media.

Hosted by UCI Nursing Science, our topics were:

  1. Social Media Contests
  2. Small Team Big Results: How to Navigate Social Media with Limited Resources
  3. Utilizing Data Effectively: I Have Data, Now What?

Resource 1: Social Media Contests

Below is a contest How-to for FB, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook Contests:

1: Review Facebook’s Terms of Service
2: Set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal
3: Choose the Contest Type
4: Select the Right Software
5: Set a Time Frame
6: Create Rules and Determine Who Can Enter
7: Pick a Relevant Prize and Feature a Photo
8: Choose a Custom Hashtag

Instagram Contests:

1: Plan Your Contest
2: Build Your Contest
3: Launch and Promote Your Contest
4: Follow-up After the Contest Ends

Twitter Contests:

1: Identify the Objective
2: Choose a Prize
3: Select a Contest Type
4: Measure the Results

Resource 2: Small Team Big Results- How to Navigate Social Media with Limited Resources

  1. Know Your Market and Focus Goals

  2. Who are you trying to appeal to?
    If you’re trying to appeal to professionals and students in the area of science, make sure that most (if not all) of your content is science centered.

  3. Content Calendar, Prioritizing, and Post-it Note T-Charts

  4. Your content calendar is a breakdown of your week by week schedule, and what you’re going to be posting every day/week. If you don’t have a calendar, things get a little crazy.

    Prioritizing within Your Calendar
    Make sure that important posts are done first.

    Post-It Note Hack
    Once you get a new piece(s) of content, use a Post-it Note. The value of a Post-it Note T-Chart is to have a way of visualizing the content that you have to post.

  5. Delegating the Social Media Workload

  6. Don’t try to do everything alone! With a small team, it’s very important to space out the responsibility in an effective manner.

  7. Batching

  8. Batching is setting aside an amount of time for intentional tasks and making an effort to not allow the distractions or interjections of others break that focus.

  9. Leverage templates and software

  10. In content-creating you have the option to use one of their default templates or create your own.

  11. 4-1-1 Rule

  12. Working Smarter not harder

  13. Use Outside Resources (UCI Media Services)

  14. UCI Media Servicescan help create content for you!

    Their services include all forms of video and media production including broadcast television, promotional/marketing videos,training materials, live event production, live webcasting, and green screen filming.

    They can help and consult on all aspects of the production process from initial concept and pre-production through to final edited high impact video delivered directly from your website.

    This can make visual content gathering a lot less stressful. Find more information here. Contact them here.

Resource 3: Utilizing Data Effectively

Let’s first look at various ways people collect data on campus:

  1. Boothing
  2. People @ events
  3. Card swipe to track attendance
  4. Sign in sheet
  5. Email (space @uci.edu)

How to get data in system:

  1. Excel
  2. Google Spreadsheet (Advantage is that there is only one document and it is updated in the cloud)

Organize what you do with the data by “What do you want the people you contact to do?”:

  1. Engage on SM
  2. Raise money
  3. Attend events
  4. If you are looking for them to:-insert what you want them to do- ,then use:-insert “what to do with data”-

What to do with the data:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Data from registrar how to utilize to engage on SM
  3. Tagging
  4. Reach out to them (Send email asking them to follow)
  5. LinkedIn group
  6. FB group

How do you use it? First you must know what you want.

Recruit, inform, connect, etc.

Take a look at July’s Social Media Brunch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKCvaspx-gc

Each Social Media Brunch/Lunch workshop is put on by the OVPTL and is hosted by a different department on campus. Topics vary each time, and the hosting department helps to identify what topics they would like to cover. If your department/unit is interested in hosting the next Social Media workshop, please contact Ryan Foland (rfoland@uci.edu) for more details.

The Social Media workshop was professionally recorded by the UCI Media Services and will be available for viewing soon on their YouTube Page. Full versions of the resources that were developed for the topics covered are also available on the DUE Intranet. If you do not have access to the DUE Intranet and would like to get a copy of the resources, please contact Ryan Foland (rfoland@uci.edu).

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