Podcast: Ryan Foland with Shann Dornhecker, Chrystal Fairbanks and Christine Treble for Social Media Power Ball

KUCI’s newest Public Affairs talk show is called Get Notified, and it is making waves both on the radio and online. Loosely tied around social media topics, the host Ryan Foland, aka DJ Ginger MC, speaks to an audience of individuals who want to learn more about Social Media. On air live every Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., the show is high energy with guests who know their social media. These experts discuss various topics with the goals of delivering valuable information to the UCI campus, the Irvine community, and the general global enthusiast of learning more about Social Media’s best practices.

Ryan Foland, the Senior Administrator of Social Media and Marketing for the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (OVPTL) at UCI, is responsible for Social Media and digital marketing strategies for more than 25 departments on campus. The OVPTL Communications Department works with the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE), Division of Teaching and Learning (DTL) and Summer Session to act as a resource for these departments to better utilize Social Media platforms to engage with their target audiences.

“My vision for Get Notified is to create a platform where we share the best practices in Social Media from experts all around the world and here at UCI,” said Ryan Foland. “I am always humbled by my guests, and I learn something new every day. My goal is that listeners realize Social Media is constantly changing, and there are always new strategies to learn.”

A recent show, called the Social Media Powerball, featured Shann Dornhecker, a 20 year expert in Social Media. Shann specializes in SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, and bridging the gap between geek and human. The show was spent doing a live Social Media Consultation of two Division of Undergraduate Programs in studio based on a Social Media and SEO audit conducted by Shann beforehand.

Chrystal Fairbanks from the UCI Study Abroad Center and Christina Treble from the UCI Campuswide Honors Program (CHP) interacted with Shann, and they were guided through a number of simple yet valuable tips and tricks to better improve their use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We first learned from Chrystal and Christina what they are currently doing to promote their services to UCI students. Then, using the information from Shann’s audit, we uncovered opportunities for improvement in their systems and methods.

Three main learning lessons from the show:

  1. Better use of pictures to get Google love by file editing photos in a Photo Editor like Photoshop, Lightroom, and inserting keywords, links and hashtags into the actual photo file before posting.
  2. Having a clear call to action–doing Social Media without this is not the best use of your time. For the most effective response, be clear about what you want your audience to do – is it to visit you, buy something, or register for your services?
  3. Understanding your target audience. If you do not know whom you are going after and how they interact with Social Media, or even if they use Social Media at all, then all your efforts will be for not. Some people do not want to use Social Media to reach a business or a service. They Google what they need and go to a website. Make sure your website drives to getting people to interact with you directly–the phone number is correct, there is a big box that says contact us, and it is a one-click process. Social Media can be and often is a secondary way to keep the audience engaged after initial contact.  

Chrystal and Christina were the first Division of Undergraduate Education Program staff to be guests on Get Notified. Here is what they had to say about the experience:

“I was a guest on Ryan’s KUCI radio show, “Get Notified.” He made the experience easy, worry-free, and fun! I also walked away with some great tools for improving my department’s social media strategy. Ryan is professional and driven to make a difference with this show, and I would advise my colleagues in the Division of Undergraduate Education to take part in this experience as an exciting way to explore their social media goals and practices.” – Christina Treble, CHP

“Ryan is a true energizer with an entrepreneurial spirit! His social media tips and advice have been an invaluable addition to the UCI Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) and have been especially helpful for UCI’s Study Abroad Center. I definitely recommend any UCI staff within the DUE division to put themselves out there and strategize with Ryan live on his @KUCIFM show #GetNotified.” – Chrystal Fairbanks, Study Abroad

The lessons learned on each show can be shared by all listeners. Tune in each week and join in on in depth discussion of best practices and methodologies that companies use to increase engagement online and through Social Media platforms.

If you are interested in being a guest on the KUCI Get Notified show, please contact Ryan Foland at rfoland@uci.edu.

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