The Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication, or the Writing Center, advocates excellent writing and communication skills that will follow a student well past their college experience. Strong writing and communication skills are crucial for personal and professional survival. These skills are necessary for individuals to think through issues and consider multiple points of view, so acquiring them will also allow the student to be consciously aware of the world around them. UCI’s Writing Center has made attaining these skills their ultimate mission for the students at UCI. In fact, the center has created three outcome goals that students should meet after taking advantage of consultations at the Writing Center.

The first goal is identifying the rhetorical situation raised in an assignment prompt. Before the student may begin to communicate effectively, they need to ask themselves two questions: What am I being asked to compose, and who is my audience? After the consultation, the student should thoroughly identify both the genre and audience called for in a specific prompt. Also, the student should be more cognizant of the differences amongst genres and audiences.

The student’s second goal after consulting with the Writing Center is to establish  self-guided revision strategies. The student should be completely aware that revision is more than just correcting mistakes. Most successful writers use revision strategies to investigate and decipher what exactly they want to communicate. Students should be able to express and execute a plan of action for revision or development of specific writing projects.

The third goal of the Writing Center is to build flexible writing processes, strategies, and habits. Flexibility develops over time and with practice and experience. After attaining flexibility, students should be able to transfer strategies and habits for generating, developing, and revising writing from one context to another. Indeed, different writing and communicating challenges might require different strategies and ways of thinking and brainstorming. Therefore, the student should pick up on the differences and, with their flexibility, be able to transfer their strategies effectively. After a consultation, they will be prompted to reflect on what they have learned about their own writing processes, strategies, and habits.

Of course, the Writing Center would not be able to help students attain lifelong writing and communication skills without the Writing Specialists, who add the utmost value to this department and personally help the students develop their lifelong skills. Their dedication for writing and their extensive experience are more than enough to help the student work toward academic success. Writing Specialists have a passion for personal mentoring and building student growth.

It was recently announced that the newest Writing Specialist to join the team is Dr. Soledad Quartucci. Dr Quartucci has had broad experience in guiding students to reach the mission of effective writing and communication. Soledad has a PhD in History with a feminist emphasis from UC Irvine. After graduating UCI, she went on to work as a Writing Specialist for Soka University for 6 years where she designed academic workshops such as Personal Statements for Graduate School, Studying Abroad Grant Writing Clinic, Senior Capstone Research Project, and Freshman Assessment Orientation.

Soledad worked as an interim Writing Center Manager for a year and taught a variety of courses across the curriculum, including Humanities Core, Rhetoric and Composition, Spanish, and the U.S. History Series. In her volunteer work, Soledad has acquired extensive experience working closely with international and first generation students, as well as with undocumented immigrants. Soledad uses the information from these experiences to help students discover their strengths and their potential.

Coming back to UCI, she is returning to her favorite role of mentoring students. Soledad developed curriculum for study skills workshops to include academic reading, academic note-taking, time-management, and studying according to learning styles. In addition, she wrote content for online learning modules and provided individual consultations with students on academic probation. In her role as a tutor coordinator, she coached tutors through bi-weekly pedagogical training and collaborated with tutoring departments across campus to support tutor training.

Soledad is thrilled to join the UCI Writing Center to work closely with students on their assignments across the curriculum. She is looking forward to supporting student academic and social confidence and building relations to support student growth.

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